Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs at Doghouse

At Doghouse we use an Emmi pet toothbrush for our teeth cleaning. This ultrasonic toothbrush over the course of several appointments, gently dissolves the plaque on your dog's teeth. Vibration free, silent and gentle which means it's great for nervous dogs. Book in today!

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

Top tips for keeping your dog's mouth healthy! This blog is all about your canine's cavities... we discuss the best ways to keep your dog's oral health in tip top condition and how to develop healthy routines for long lasting freshness.

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matted dog

Matted Dogs - After Care Advice

If you have brought a matted dog into the salon then you will have been made aware that we may need to clip the coat shorter. Clipping off is not an easy option and the procedure can cause some problems during the groom and afterwards. This is our guide on how to care for your dog after a clip off.

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How to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming on the day

How to Prepare Your Dog On Their Grooming Day

We've put together a quick guide on what to do before your dog arrives at the grooming salon. It can be a stressful experience for many dogs so the little things you do on the day of your appointment can make all the difference in how they behave for their groomer.

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grass seeds in dogs

A Guide to Grass Seeds in Dogs

Everything you need to know about keeping your dog safe from grass seeds this summer. We're seeing lots of pups coming in with these pesky seeds stuck in their skin, but by following this guide you can help prevent any problems from occurring.

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DIY dogwash in bristol

DIY Dogwash comes to Clifton

The DIY Dogwash means no more waiting for grooming appointments, no more muddy dogs in the back of your car and no more struggling with washing your dog at home! Simply book in online whenever your dog needs it, come along to our Clifton shop, check in at the till and you’re good to go.

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jack russell puppy

Why Does My Puppy Need Grooming Introductions?

A full explanation of why we recommend puppy introductions for our grooming salon and how these sessions work. These sessions can make the difference between a happy dog and a nervous dog and we can't recommend them enough.

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dog with it's tongue out

Dog Grooming: Frequently Asked Questions

As a dog owner we know you always want the best for your dog, especially when they're being groomed. So naturally, I'm sure you'll have questions! We've tried to answer as many as we can in this insightful FAQ blog post.

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cavapoo grooming

How to Brush your Doodle Breed

Our Grooming Manager Claire and her Cavapoo Pablo from Doghouse show you how to groom your poodle-cross pup everyday in this fantastic video tutorial. Ensuring your dog's coat is regularly brushed at home will make their next visit to the groomers easier on your dog and their groomer!

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spaniel grooming

What Makes Our Dogwash Special?

Why Doghouse? Let us tell you a little bit about our Dogwash and what we do. The Dogwash at Doghouse is a modern, safe, purpose built salon where we offer a wide range of grooming services.

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