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What Makes Our Dogwash Special?

What Makes Our Dogwash Special?

What Makes Doghouse Grooming Special?


Let us tell you a little bit about our Dogwash and what we do.


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"The best experience possible for you and your dog"

Doghouse's grooming salon 'Dogwash' has gained a name for itself in Wiltshire, Bath and the South West as being one of the best. We will always prioritise your dog's wellbeing and happiness over aesthetics as we believe this is always the most important aspect. The happier your dog is coming to the salon, the easier they will be to groom and therefore the better your dog will look at the end! We recommend Puppy Introduction Sessions to every young dog that visits us, to get them used to the environment. Learn more here.


Dogwash is a modern, safe, purpose built salon where we offer a wide range of grooming services from a simple ‘Wash and Go’ to a more thorough ‘Full Groom’, we even clean teeth using a special Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs.


All of our grooming practice is built around making your visit to our Dogwash the best experience possible for you and your dog, we know that not all dogs enjoy the grooming experience and we work very hard to create a calm environment for your dog. Our groomers are trained in compassionate handling and we plan each groom around your dog’s individual needs. We have grooming tables that lower right to the ground to accommodate elderly or large dogs and a range of dryers that enable us to dry even the most nervous of dogs. 


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 "Humanity before vanity"

In short, we believe we are equipped with the best trained staff working in an environment designed specifically for your dog, our priority is the well being of your dog when they are in our care and we look after your dog just as we would our own dogs.


We work really hard to build a relationship based on trust with you and your dog, we pride ourselves on our pre-groom consultations where we listen and understand what it is you are hoping to achieve from your visit, be it a breed standard groom or a more unique pet trim. Communication is the cornerstone of what we do at Doghouse and we do our utmost to meet your expectations and where we feel it may not be possible we will always talk to you and advise the best way forward keeping your dogs welfare central to decisions we make. Our salon motto is 'Humanity before Vanity' and we will always choose your dog’s comfort and welfare over producing the perfect groom if the coat is matted.




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Our pricing reflects the service we offer, grooming costs will vary according to the breed of your dog and the condition of their coat, their behaviour in the salon and the frequency of their visits. A well maintained coat is quicker and easier to groom resulting in a better experience for your dog and our groomer. We offer lots of tips and advice on our YouTube Channel here on how to maintain your dog's coat between grooms.

If you would like more information, or to book a groom, please call Bradford on Avon on 01225 864767 or Clifton Village on 0117 911 3721 today.




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