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Doghouse's New Range of Dry DOGFOOD

Doghouse's New Range of Dry DOGFOOD

DOGHOUSE have released our very own line of dry DOGFOOD

dogfood by doghouse

Why choose DOGFOOD?

Our DOGFOOD is made in the UK, using trusted farms and fisheries. Both the Grain Free and Superfood bags include a delicious selection of freshly prepared protein sources, have a high nutritional value, added joint aid, probiotics, omega 3 and even added herbs and botanicals. 

Our Superfood bags use responsibly sourced ingredients including free range meat plus a blend of 5 superfoods, each with specific benefits for our loved pets. 

All of our dry food bags are proudly priced at what we think is great value, especially compared to current competitor prices. Here at Doghouse, we understand that times are tough and we are all starting to feel the pinch a little. Therefore, we have chosen to keep our prices at very reasonable cost, while maintaining the quality of food at a premium level. 


Can my puppy / senior dog use DOGFOOD?

Yes, absolutely. Our Grain free range has both puppy and senior specific options that have the necessary added ingredients and nutrients. 

Our puppy range comes in both chicken and salmon, with an added omega 3 supplement to help support a puppies brain development and added joint aid to help the growth of healthy joints in puppies. 

Our senior food comes in delicious trout with salmon, with lots of added benefits such as added joint care to help support cartilage for healthy joints, omega 3 to help support healthy skin and coat, pre-biotics which may help promote healthy bacteria in the gut and aid digestion. 


What’s the best way to transition my dog onto DOGFOOD?

Transitioning your dog onto our food can be a really straightforward, simple and scare free process. Here at Doghouse, we often talk about one particular method that is safe and easy to do. 

The gradual method;

Transitioning your dog onto DOGFOOD gradually, normally over the space of 1-2 weeks, but for the sensitive pups, it can take up to a month. The best way to do so is by slowly mixing the old food in with our food over a minimum period of 7 days, making sure to introduce 75% old food vs 25% DOGFOOD over the first 1-3 days, then 50% each for another 1-3 days and lastly 25% old food 75% DOGFOOD for the last few days. This gives your dog's digestive system a chance to build up the correct enzymes (known as Pepsin) to enable the proteins in the stomach to be broken down, keeping their gut as healthy as possible and reducing the chance of loose stool and sickness.


dry dogfood by doghouse


My dog is on wet food now... would this suit my dog?

Yes! Any dog can be fed DOGFOOD. If you’re worried about whether your dog will enjoy the kibble, adding a small amount of warm water to the food can really help bring out the aroma, which should thoroughly entice your pup to eat it all up! Adding wet food as a ‘topper’ would also work to keep your ‘fussy pup’ interested, but make sure the wet food is a premium quality. 


Why is DOGFOOD grain free?

We chose our food to be grain free as a big chunk of our wonderful customers have dogs who are sensitive, intolerant and occasionally allergic to wheat and grains. Our customers can feel confident in knowing that all bags of food across both the ranges use sweet potato as our carbohydrate replacement. Sweet potato is an excellent alternative to grain, as it's a complex carbohydrate that is high in vitamin B and can help keep your dog satiated for a longer period of time throughout the day.


Where can I buy DOGFOOD?

DOGFOOD can be purchased directly from Doghouse. Whether that’s in our two wonderful shops located in the beautiful Bradford On Avon or within the heart of Clifton, Bristol or on our fully stocked website here.


How many times a day should I feed my puppy/adult dog?

It’s really important to understand that a puppy needs 3 meals a day for the first 6 months or so, this is to help their smaller stomachs digest their food efficiently. As your pup grows, doing regular weigh-ins will help you understand what to increase the amount of food per meal to. Each of our bags have a helping feeding guide on the back that can help navigate feeding your pup. 

Adult dogs should be on 1-2 meals a day depending on what suits your lifestyle better. An adult dog needs to maintain their body weight as much as possible. 


What flavours do you offer?


Chicken for Adult Dogs

Salmon for Adult Dogs

Venison for Adult Dogs

NEW Lamb for Adult Dogs

Trout for Senior Dogs

Chicken for Puppies

Salmon for Puppies

Chicken for Small Breed Adult Dogs

Salmon for Small Breed Adult Dogs


English Country Duck for Adult Dogs

Angus Beef for Adult Dogs

Scottish Salmon for Adult Dogs

Superfood Chicken for Adult Dogs


Is DOGFOOD a complete food?

Yes, all of our dry food are complete meals for your lucky pup, our food is packed full of all the nutritious ingredients, added supplements, herbs, vitamins and minerals your pup needs.


Do you offer samples?

We do indeed! We have available samples of all the flavours in both the grain free and superfood.

Our samples can be picked up for free from both shops where you can also chat to our lovely staff about transitioning your dog onto DOGFOOD.

We also sell sample packs online for £2, which includes 4 bags of each range PLUS a FREE bag of our fishy dog treats. Each sample bag contains enough food for 1-2 meals, the perfect amount to see how much your pup will enjoy our food. 

Adult Sample Pack

Small Breed Sample Pack

Puppy Sample Pack

Superfood Sample Pack

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