DIY dogwash in bristol

DIY Dogwash comes to Clifton

DIY Dogwash comes to Clifton

diy dogwash



diy dogwash bristol

This brand new part of Doghouse is now open for bookings in Clifton!

Have you ever struggled with a muddy dog at the end of a walk? Do you find it hard keeping up with the mud they bring into your home?
The DIY Dogwash means no more waiting for grooming appointments, no more muddy dogs in the back of your car and no more struggling with washing your dog at home! Simply book in online whenever your dog needs it, come along to our Clifton shop, check in at the till and you’re good to go.


What do I get?

You’ll receive private access to our custom built DIY Dogwash room (complete with marble edging!), a basket of everything you need including premixed natural shampoo, washing services, drying services, a towel, a shower scrub and even an apron so your clothes don’t get wet! Our shower and blow dryer are both temperature controlled to keep your dog safe.


How do I book?

GIve us a call on 0117 911 3721 to book in today.
We have appointments for half an hour which are suitable for small and medium sized dogs, and hour appointments which are suitable for all larger dogs or any dog's who like to take things at a slower pace.


How does it work?

  1. Let your dog safely climb into the bath using the steps or gently lift them in if needed.
  2. Push the button to start the water
  3. Wet your dog
  4. Apply half the bottle of shampoo to your dog's body
  5. Lather then rinse
  6. Apply the second half of the bottle of shampoo (take care to avoid your dog's eyes)
  7. Lather then rinse
  8. Push the button on the wall for the dryer
  9. Slowly move the dryer around your dog's body until it is dry to touch, keeping your dog inside the bath at all times
  10. All done!

wash your dog in a groomers clifton

Always follow our GOLDEN RULES while inside the DIY Dogwash:

  • Never take your eyes off your dog or turn your back to the while they are in the bath.
  • Never ever leave your dog unsupervised in the bath. Take your dog with you if you need to leave the room at any point.
  • Do not hold the dryer on one part of your dog's body for longer than 5 seconds. We have a temperature control inbuilt into the dryer so it shouldn't get too hot but this is a safety measure in case.
  • If the water is building up, check the plug for hair and empty into the bin provided - also check the plug isn't down in the bath!
  • Please dry your in the bath to minimise water spillages on the floor.
  • You are welcome to use your own shampoo if you prefer.
  • Floor may be slippery - take care.

By booking with us you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my dog’s safety whilst using the DOGWASH and that DOGHOUSE is not responsible in any way for my dog during this time.
  2. I will not leave my dog unsupervised when using the DOGWASH and if I have to leave the room for any reason, I will take my dog with me. 
  3. I will not take my eyes off my dog or turn my back to my dog at any time whilst they are in the bath.
  4. If my dog has fleas, I understand that additional costs may be incurred to cover the cost of cleaning the salon.

Hooray for grrrreat smelling dogs!!


diy dogwash bristol




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