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Matted Dogs - After Care Advice

Matted Dogs - After Care Advice


Our Guide on How To Care for your Dog After a Clip Off

If you have brought a dog into the salon that is matted then you will have been made aware that we may need to clip the coat shorter. Clipping off is not an easy option as the groomer has to get the blade in between the matts and the skin, this procedure can cause some problems during the groom and other issues may occur in the days following the groom.

If during the groom we have nicked your dogs skin we will have cleaned the area with antiseptic before applying a silver spray on plaster, this will protect the area for a few days and aid healing. This should be adequate but if you have any concerns or if we feel it warrants a trip to your vet we will advise you to visit your vet for advice.

You may find that your dog is licking at areas that have been clipped shorter, particularly their sanitary area, as they feel so very different. Severe matting can cause skin irritation, this might not appear until 2-3 days after a groom and although we do our utmost to avoid further irritation during the groom it is sometimes unavoidable. Using a topical calming spray like Leucillin can help ease any soreness or irritation following a clip off.

If your dog has had matting in their ears, there are very specific problems that can occur. Where the circulation has been restored to the ears there may be swelling and this can lead to minor bleeding at the tips of the ears if the swelling is not reduced. If you see your dog shaking their head post groom, then check the ears for swelling. If they are swollen, you will need to fold the ears up onto the dog's head and hold them in place with a tube or bandage. This should reduce swelling and stem any bleeding. If you have any concerns then you should consult your vet.

As your dog's nails have been trimmed they will be sharper than normal, this can cause more severe irritation if your dog is allowed to scratch excessively at newly exposed and sensitive skin following a clip off.

Please watch your dog closely following a clip off and do not allow them to lick, scratch or shake excessively following the groom. If you have concerns, please ask us for further advice or consult your vet.

We will advise next steps in grooming in order to help you manage your dog’s coat going forward so that we can avoid this in the future.

How to prevent matting in the future

You will need a slicker brush and comb - both are available here from our website or can be purchased in store when you visit for grooming. Check out our other blog on How to Brush your Dog Everyday for top tips on how to use these tools effectively to avoid matting in the future.

Hope this helps - feel free to drop us an email at with any questions you may have and our expert groomers will get back to you.

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