The Best Dog Coats for Winter 23/24

The Best Dog Coats for Winter 23/24


Our top pick so your pup can stay dry as a bone this winter 2024

The UK is in the depth of winter now, Christmas has passed and we're into the New Year which has brought lots and lots and lots of rain with it. So, what do you do when you know you still need to walk your dog?

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” - Wainsworth

We’ve put together our top selection of waterproof dog coats to help your dog stay dry(-ish) this Winter. Perfect for all breeds, but particularly those whose coats seem to soak up every puddle that they walk through. No more wrestling with a towel at the end of the walk! Simply pop these waterproof and windproof coats on before and your dog will stay bone dry underneath all day. Ahhhh… breathe a sigh of relief.

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Doghouse Dachshund Waterproof Coats

doghouse dachshund clothing

Direct from the Doghouse sewing workshop in Bradford on Avon - this waterproof, soft, adjustable coat is an absolute must-have for your Mini Dachshund. Perfect to layer over your Dachshund Fleece Jumper on cold days or as a stand alone item in showery spells. Made from 100% waterproof fabric with a soft inner lining, it's complete with a harness hole, front fastening, reflective collar and leg straps. The perfect coat!

From £42.

Hurtta Mudventure Coat

hurtta mudventure

The most waterproof coverage from any of our coats, the Hurtta Mudventure won’t let you down! These waterproof overalls will keep your dog clean and dry in the heaviest of rain. It has a lovely high collar with a clever little rain trap feature which stops rain from trickling down your dog's neck. It’s made of durable and comfortably flexible outdoor fabric that, miraculously, does not rustle when on.

You can adjust the leg length, neckline and waist to fit almost any dog and it will stay put even in the most active of honing sessions. Available in a huge array of sizes! Perfect for doodle crosses or thick double coated breeds which soak up the wet and dirt like the proverbial sponge at this time of year.

Rukka Hayton Warm Raincoat

rukka raincoat for dogs

This lightweight raincoat protects your dog from rain and mud and its soft Pritex lining has a nice feel and warms your dog on cold days. Stylish, comfortable, and also water repellent. With this jacket, your dog will remain dry and warm in all weather! Adjustable fastenings, easy on-off, leg straps to hold it in place and it's even made from recycled material!

From £50.99



Hugo and Hudson Dog Puffer Coats

Hugo Hudson Dog Coats

Hugo & Hudson signature dog puffer jackets are so cosy you will wish you had one too! These Reversible Puffer Jackets are practical, stylish, water repellent and filled with a high quality stuffing making them super warm and cosy. They are super easy to get on thanks to the full length zip and stay put once on!

These jackets come in 9 sizes and 8 colours which can be worn inside or out. They have a zip fastening and can be easily machine washed. Side stitched to stop the stuffing moving, your dog puffer jacket will keep its beautiful appearance and shape time after time.

From £40.


Redhound for Dogs Whippet Coat

redhound for dogs whippet coats

Specifically for Whippets, these are the most stylish and practical coats on the market! Fully lined quilted material will keep your sighthound cosy and dry while out and about. Can also be worn over their best selling whippet fleece jumpers for the ultimate stormy attire.

From £58.


Rukka Hase Lightweight Raincoat for Dogs

rukka hase raincoat

A lightweight raincoat to protect the dog from rain and mud, especially in the spring and autumn. The coat's most important seams are taped. The coat has a breathable mesh lining. The garment is easy to keep clean and it dries fast. The high, protective collar together with adjustable neckline and waist make sure the coat fits well. Thanks to the quick buckle closure on the back, the coat is easy to put on.

Elastic rear leg straps ensure that the coat stays in place in all conditions, also in activities of higher intensity. The coat comes in a stylish pouch making it handy to carry around. The coat has reflective piping. This raincoat can be used on its own or as a water- and windproof outer layer on a padded coat or sweater, for example. 

From £39.99


The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat in Beach Stripe

dog in beach towel

The Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats are a real game changer for the already-wet dog! If you know there’s no way you can stop your dog from jumping in rivers, diving through muddy puddles or having a splash in the ocean, the Ultimate Dog Drying Coat is a must-have! Simply pop over your dogs head then Velcro around their body and this coat will soak up all the moisture and then keep your dog dry and warm. Available in a gorgeous selection of colours.

From £31.95.


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Stay safe out there folks!


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