February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Top Tips for Improving Your Dog's Dental Health
Pet dental health awareness month - cavapoo teeth cleaning

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When is pet dental health month?

Dogs can suffer from a wide range of oral problems, just like us humans! February was declared National Pet Dental Health Month by the American Veterinary Medical Association to highlight to dog owners the importance of keeping their mouths healthy. A whopping 85% of dogs over the age of 3 experience Periodontal Disease so keeping on top of their oral health is really important to avoid them developing any problems later in life.

Here at Doghouse, we regularly have pet owners come to us needing help with their dogs smelly breath, plaque build up or yellow teeth. So, in celebration of Pet Dental Health Awareness Month, we've put together a guide on how to keep your dog's gnashers sparkling and their oral health in tip top condition.


What's the best way to keep my dog's mouth clean?

Just like us humans, the answer to this question is, of course... brushing with a toothbrush! We highly recommend purchasing a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste and adding this simple step into your dog's daily or weekly routine. 

This will be very effective at reducing plaque, which in turn keeps their breath smelling fresh. 


What if I can't brush my dog's teeth?

We offer teeth cleaning in our salons!

Book in for regular teeth cleaning here at Doghouse. We have two fabulous options to keep your dog's teeth is tip top condition.

Firstly, we have the Emmi Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Service which is a silent and vibration-free way to gently but powerfully remove plaque. This is done without any brushing action so is great for dog's that can't stand a regular toothbrush! These are between £20 - £40 a session and can be booked in both our salons today.

Secondly, we have the good old regular toothbrush option too! This service is performed using a special rounded dog toothbrush and delicious meat flavour toothpaste (mmm!) to keep your dog happy. This can be added on to a Full Groom for only £5 or as it's own stand alone grooming session for £8 and is available in both our Bradford on Avon and Clifton Village salons.




What are the best dog treats for keeping my dog's teeth clean?

We have a whole host of treats here at Doghouse that promote dental health so we've chosen our favourites for you below... enjoy!


Lily's Kitchen Woof Brushes

Lilys Kitchen Woof Brushes

We've been selling these fantastic chews for years now and we've always had great feedback. They're sold in packs of 7, one for every day of the week, to give your dog a healthy and refreshing minty treat. The chewy bubbly texture on these woof brushes reaches the gum line to help fight plaque, making teeth cleaning a dream! Enriched with algae, fennel and coconut oil.


Edgard & Cooper Doggy Dental Sticks

Edgard and Cooper Treats

These tasty treats have a delicious range of flavours to choose from! Whether your dog is a fan of Strawberry & Mint or Apple & Eucalyptus, these doggy dental sticks will be sure to freshen their breath while getting in all those hard to reach places. Also sold in packs of 7!


W'Zis Dental Fang Chew

Wzis Vegetarian Dog Chew

W'Zis are a new brand here at Doghouse but we've been blown away by how much your four legged friends are loving them! All vegetarian, all the flavour. They're on a mission to fight all dull and boring dog treats and we think they've achieved it with these fun dental chews! Powered by fennel, parsley and coconut oil to keep your dog's oral health up to scratch.


Doghouse Dental Treats

Doghouse Dental Treats

Part of our new range, this Dental Treat is perfect for popping in your bag and taking with you on walks. Includes activated charcoal to keep your dog's teeth white, as well as peppermint to keep their breath smelling fresh! Plus, the freshly prepared turkey and wild boar will mean these are your dog's new favourite treat.


Soopa Dental Sticks

Soopa Dental Sticks

Soopa Dental Sticks are a tasty treat made with super foods to keep your dog happy and healthy! These sticks are a 100% natural, hypoallergenic and grain free treat for the dog that loves to chew. Not only are they great for dog's oral health, they're an ideal treat for dogs with health conditions such as obesity, allergies, pancreatitis and low immunity.


Natural Treats and Chews

Natural Dog Treats and Chews

And last, but certainly not least... natural treats! These typically come under the guise of 'bits of dead animal' so you might be wondering how on earth that will help with your dog's dental health!? But natural treats like pizzles and tendons are fantastic for your dog to sit there and chew for a while, and the simple act of chewing can help reduce plaque! Natural treats that include hair on them like our Hairy Rabbit Ears and Hairy Lamb Ears are an especially great way of cleaning your dog's teeth as the hair acts as a natural 'flosser'! We sell a wide selection of natural treats here at Doghouse so have a browse through our collection and hopefully you'll find something to suit your pup.


Which supplements can help with keeping my dog's teeth clean?

Here at Doghouse, we swear by Plaque Off. It's a tub of magical powder which you can add to your dog's food or water every morning and it keeps the plaque at bay! Sparky our old dog has been having it with his breakfast every day since he was a young pup and his teeth are in fantastic condition. It's not cheap, but a small pot can last you up to 6 months so you really do get value for money. Plus, it's far cheaper than an emergency trip to the vets!

Plaque off


So there you have it... our guide on how to keep your dog's teeth in super condition! Our Border Terrier Sparky is reaching 15 years old this year as has been following these steps all his life. Needless to say, he still has all his teeth and they're in pretty good condition too! So follow in Sparky's footsteps and you'll do just fine.


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