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What is the Dogwash?

Dogwash is the grooming salon here at Doghouse. We can be found at our two locations in the South West, in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful market town of Bradford on Avon and the equally picturesque Clifton Village in Bristol. 

We believe in doing things properly here at Doghouse. Our Dogwash is a stunning, purpose built, professional grooming salon equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your dog has the most stress free and comfortable experience possible while in our care. 

We were awarded "2021's Most Outstanding Pet Grooming Salon - South West England" so you don't just have to take our word for it!

Doghouse's grooming salon 'Dogwash' has gained a name for itself in Wiltshire, Bath and the South West as being one of the best. We will always prioritise your dog's wellbeing and happiness over aesthetics as we believe this is always the most important aspect. The happier your dog is coming to the salon, the easier they will be to groom and therefore the better your dog will look at the end! We recommend Puppy Introduction Sessions to every young dog that visits us, to get them used to the environment. Learn more here.

Dogwash is a modern, safe, purpose built salon where we offer a wide range of grooming services from a simple ‘Wash and Go’ to a more thorough ‘Full Groom’, we even clean teeth using a special Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs.

Our groomers are trained in compassionate handling and we plan each groom around your dog’s individual needs. We know that not all dogs enjoy the grooming experience and we work very hard to create a calm environment for your dog. We have grooming tables that lower right to the ground to accommodate elderly or large dogs and a range of dryers that enable us to dry even the most nervous of dogs.

  • We only employ professional groomers who are experienced in grooming a wide range of breeds.
  • Our purpose built salon is centred around your dogs safety and comfort with grooming tables that lower to within inches of the floor so that any dog can move easily from floor to table without stress or risk of injury - particularly important for older and larger dogs. 
  • We use only organic, natural shampoo free from chemicals and parabens.
  • The hydrobath we have invested in delivers a constant temperature and water pressure for bathing, ensuring that dogs are squeaky clean right down to the roots.

Find out more about What Makes our Dogwash Special in our blog post here.

Booking In

Open to both new and existing customers! Please make sure you have thoroughly read our grooming policy before calling to book.

Clifton Village

Please call our Clifton shop during opening hours on 0117 911 3721 if you'd like to book in or pop your details on our sign up form and we'll be in touch shortly.

Bradford on Avon

Please call our Bradford on Avon shop during opening hours on 01225 864767 if you'd like to book in or pop your details on our sign up form and we'll be in touch shortly.

Home Grooming

For home grooming tips and knowledge from our lovely groomers, follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we will be sharing lots of advice!

Our YouTube channel is also posting regular advice on how to groom, brush, cut nails and more.