How to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming on the day

How to Prepare Your Dog On Their Grooming Day

How to Prepare Your Dog On Their Grooming Day


What to do before you arrive to the salon

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We've put together a quick guide on what to do before your dog arrives at the grooming salon. It can be a stressful experience for many dogs so the little things you do on the day of your appointment can make a real difference to their experience on the day.

Step 1. Walking

Make sure your walk your dog before their appointment to give them a good amount of exercise. The less extra energy they have to expel, the better they will behave on the grooming table. We can tell when a dog hasn't been walked so please, please make sure you do this!

Step 2. Toileting

During their morning walk, please make sure they are toileted to avoid any accidents whilst in the salon.

Step 3. Do Not Brush Out Matts

You should not attempt to brush out matts before your appointment. Your dog shouldn't have any matts if you're keeping a regular brushing routine but we know sometimes they can sneak their way in unexpectedly anyway. If you do notice a matt before your appointment, do not attempt to brush it out to make your groomer happy! This will only cause pain for your dog, which in turn can cause them to create a negative association to brushing which will not help you in the long run. Leave any matts to your expert groomers to fix as they will always do this with as little pain as possible for your pup.

Step 4. Try Not to be Anxious

Dogs can sense when you're anxious so try to be as calm as you can when dropping off your dog at their salon. If they think you're putting them in danger then this will cause them to stress out. Lots of positive body language and happy speech always helps! Remember, we are expert professionals and your dog will never be put in harms way. 

Have a happy grooming experience!

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