9 Best Dog Coats for this Winter

9 Best Dog Coats for this Winter

9 Best Dog Coats for this Winter

The Best 9 Dog Coats for this Winter

Yep, it's official. Winter is here. As an icy chill fills the air, it’s more likely your dog will need an extra layer of protection from the elements.

This selection of dog coats varies from simple, stylish jackets to far more robust waterproof and windproof coats.

Whatever your dog needs, we are bound to have something that works and we carry a huge range of styles and sizes from the teeny Chihuahua all the way up to huge Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Quilted Dachshund Coat

dachshund quilted jacket redhound for dogs

We couldn’t talk about dog coats without talking about Redhound for Dogs. Made by hand in Kent, the quality and style of this range really shines through in the detail and fit of these coats.

This Quilted Coat is specifically designed for Dachshunds, with popper fastenings at the front, stunning piping around the edge and a warm quilted design. It's perfect for Dachshunds who get cold when out, which would be nearly all of them! Redhound for Dogs also make this fabulous quilted coats for medium sized dog breeds such as terriers and spaniels here.

From £36.


Dachshund Fleece Jumper

dachshund colourful fleece for dogs warm

One of Doghouse’s best sellers, this range of bright, cosy fleeces is a must-have for Dachshund owners. Designed by Doghouse specifically for Sausage Dogs, it will keep your pup toasty warm in style! So easy to pop over their head when heading out in the cold, it also has the advantage of keeping their undercarriage warm and clean on winter walks.

We also sell the same style by for terriers/spaniels or similar shaped dogs here.

From £23.


Joules Yellow Dog Raincoat

joules yellow raincoat for dogs

Joules have partnered with Rosewood to bring you a wonderful range of fun and stylish dog products! These coats are shower proof so won’t completely protect your dog from downpours, but for the price we know they’ll look fab while exploring the town and you can even twin your own Joules rain coat!  

This style is also available in their Navy Dog print.

From £14.


The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat in Beach Stripe

dog in beach towel

The Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats are a real game changer for the already-wet dog! If you know there’s no way you can stop your dog from jumping in rivers, diving through muddy puddles or having a splash in the ocean, the Ultimate Dog Drying Coat is a must-have! Simply pop over your dogs head then Velcro around their body and this coat will soak up all the moisture and then keep your dog dry and warm. Available in a gorgeous selection of colours.

From £34.


Ruffwear Vert™ Winter Dog Jacket

vert jacket by ruffwear for dogs

This jacket is specifically built for winter conditions by the renowned team at Ruffwear. With an oversized storm collar that can be folded up during wet weather, a lead loop that ensures the jacket can be placed over most harnesses and a lifetime guarantee, this dog jacket will not let you down. The features of this jacket go on and on so we’ll try not to, but suffice to say the fit and fabric of this coat will see you through the harshest weather conditions that winter can throw at you.



 Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse Jacket with Built-in Harness

overcoat fuse jacket ruffwear

This is the best jacket of its kind that we have ever seen, Ruffwear have spent years developing a seamless jacket with a built-in harness, perfect for those dogs that need an extra layer to keep warm. Two zippered pockets, two loops for the lead, two clips either side for simple pull on, weather-and abrasion resistant outer fabric. With this rugged workhorse of a jacket, it's a simple slip on, clip in, and go!



Witney Dog Rug Coat

witney dog rug coat

This show-stopping dog coat is made from genuine Early's of Witney wool, instantly recognisable from it's horse blanket roots, this coat offers the unbeatable thermal properties of wool and although it will wick the wet away following a rainy walk or a bath. Your dog will never have looked so stylish!

From £28.


Hurtta Downpour Suit

hurtta downpour dog coat waterproof

The most waterproof coverage from a coat on this list, the Hurtta Downpour Suit won’t let you down! These waterproof overalls will keep your dog clean and dry in the heaviest of rain. It has a lovely high collar with a clever little rain trap feature which stops rain from going down the inside the overalls. It’s made of durable and comfortably flexible outdoor fabric that, miraculously, does not rustle when on.

You can adjust the leg length, neckline and waist to fit almost any dog and it will stay put even in the most active of honing sessions. Available in a huge array of sizes! Perfect for doodle crosses or thick double coated breeds which soak up the wet and dirt like the proverbial sponge at this time of year.

From £65.


Tweed Dog Coat

tweed coat for dogs

This stylish tweed dog coat is lined with a snug Sherpa fleece, making it one of the warmest fashion coats we've come across this season. Machine washable for easy cleaning. This coat is shower proof so is great for short walks or trips into town. Countryside chic for even the most urban pup!

From £28.


Pop along to Doghouse to have one of our wonderful shop girls personally fit your dog with any of the coats above, or measure your dog yourself and buy online!

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