Our Top Eco Friendly Dog Products

Our Top Eco Friendly Dog Products

Our Top Eco Friendly Dog Products

Reduce Your Dog's Global Pawprint

Start Your Journey to Becoming an Eco Friendly Pup Parent

There are so many small changes we can make in our lives to become more environmentally friendly and this shouldn’t stop when it comes to looking after our pets. Keeping an eye out for sustainable alternatives is a great way to reduce your dog’s environmental paw print.

To make it easy for all dog parents, we have compiled a list of our very best eco-friendly dog products, available from our website here. Perfect for those that care just as much about their dog as they do the environment!

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Yora Insect Protein Dog Treats

YORA insect treats for dogs

These treats are hailed as the world’s most sustainable dog treat. Made from insects, grubs and vegetables, the carbon footprint of these treats is minimal compared to the traditional meat farming alternatives, plus, dogs love them!

These little grubs produce only 50 kgs of greenhouse emissions for every 1500 kgs that cows produce.


Adios Plastic Compostable Poop Bags



These poop bags are made from cornstarch and leave 100% zero waste behind. Unlike other degradable poop bags which break down into microplastics and pollute our oceans, Adios Plastic poop bags are home compostable. They will naturally break down back into the environment, without leaving a trace, in as quickly as 3-6 months.

£1.60 per roll.

Beco Pets Hemp Rope Toys

hemp rope toys

Hemp’s short fibres mean it sheds safer, cleans your dog’s teeth and is from low impact farming. Hemp grows in abundance without a need for pesticides, making it a great eco-alternative to many other dog toys. The tough fibres of hemp rope also act as a natural toothbrush, helping to scrub off the bad stuff that gathers on your dog's teeth throughout the day. It's fully compostable, and won’t have a nasty long lasting effect on the planet.

These hemp rope toys from Beco Pets come in a wide range of styles and are suitable for all breeds.

dog collars made from cork
These super strong dog collars and leads from Two Dogs & Co are made from cork and backed with organic hemp which gets softer and softer with every use. Cork is a leather alternative created from the bark of a cork oak tree. All handmade in the UK near Doghouse!

From £28.


Beco Pets Dog Food Bowl

beco pets dog treat food bowl


Beco Pets are often thought of as one of the most eco-friendly dog brands out there, and here at Doghouse we are proud to stock their extensive collection of environmentally friendly goodies.

This dog food bowl is made from rice husk and recycled bamboo, meaning it will last for years but will break down once disposed of.



Green & Wilds Dog Toys

green and wilds dog toys

This fabulous range of sustainable jute toys are sure to brighten your dog's day! Each toy has it's own name such as Francois le Frog or Terry the Turnip to make these toys *even* cuter. No plastic involved, you can be sure these toys are just as good for the planet as they are for your dog.

From £8.


So there you have it, our top 6 environmentally friendly pet products, all of which are perfect starting points when becoming more aware of your dog’s impact on our planet. All available at www.doghouse.co.uk.

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