Ruffwear. Why we love this brand.

Ruffwear. Why we love this brand.

Ruffwear. Why we love this brand.

Ruffwear. Why we love this brand.


We were thrilled to introduce the Ruffwear brand to our shop earlier this summer! They are the world leaders in kit for active outdoor dogs for good reason, their expertise and attention to detail is clear from the moment you set eyes on this kit.



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Lifetime Guarantee

There is no denying Ruffwear is a premium priced brand, but for good reason. Let me take a moment to explain why... firstly, all of their products are rigorously field tested and carry a lifetime guarantee on the materials and craftsmanship.  All of the products are made in their own factory, using their own materials. What this means is that Ruffwear have invested in machining their own hardware for the clasps and buckles, so that they know exactly what they are putting on your dogs harness and exactly how strong it is.

All of their products are break tested so we know that, for example, the webbing loop on the front of the Rangemaster harness is actually stronger than the metal clasp on the back. Don’t be fooled into thinking the clasp on the back is weak though, you’d need to apply *tonnes* of weight in order to break it! 


Twenty Years of Design

Every piece of kit is thoroughly thought through, Ruffwear have been designing and redesigning their kit for over twenty years, making adjustments along the way to ensure the fit and purpose of everything they make is the best. And it shows, the small stuff which you don’t necessarily notice at first makes the biggest difference, the elastic tucked away at the end of the girth straps on the Frontrange Harness which, much like your favourite pair of lounge pants, allows a little bit of stretch when your dog sits down. Buckles tucked away under a flap of fabric, aside from a clean tidy look, they are also protected from snagging on undergrowth and damp or grit that can wear the clasp. There are a tonne of other equally brilliant details across the range which I won’t bore you with here but you are very welcome to come and have a guided tour of the range any time you like!

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Pop On and Go

Clearly we are big fans of all the Ruffwear range, but we are particularly excited by the new range of coats that have just launched! The Fuse Overcoat which combines the best-selling Front Range Harness with the warmth and weather protection of the popular Overcoat jacket. No more fiddling about trying to feed a harness attachment through a pocket in the back of the jacket, just pop the coat on and you’re ready to roll with all the right buckles and attachments in all the right places! Available in store and online now the Fuse is available in three colours across all sizes. We are also thrilled to stock the ever popular Fernie, a technical fleece jumper which is as snuggly as it is practical and the waterproof, windproof Vert jacket perfect for the cold winter days ahead.

Pop in and see for yourself how great this brand is, Doghouse is open every day and our staff are very happy to fit coats and harnesses or answer any questions you may have. 

Shop the full Ruffwear Collection here.

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