top tips for keeping your dog safe at Christmas

How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Christmas

How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Christmas

Top tips for this festive season - from tinsel to turkey bones!

While we're enjoying the festivities that come with Christmas, your dog may be exposed to hidden dangers that you hadn't even considered. You might be wondering how can I keep my dog safe at Christmas? This is the blog for you!

We've put together a great all-rounder blog on how to keep safe, how to avoid accidents, how to keep your dog calm in stressful environments and more.


Festive foods to be aware of

Christmas is certainly a time for indulging however many of the delectable delights that we tuck into at Christmas can be poisonous for our pets. Make sure to keep the following foods well away from your pets and stored out of reach of little paws.

  • Mince pies
  • Raisins/Sultanas
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Christmas pudding
  • Grapes
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Chocolate 
  • Onion and garlic hidden in roast dinner dishes
  • Cooked animal bones

These foods may be laying around the house this December so just make sure to be extra vigilant with keeping your dog away from them to avoid any accidents. If you notice your dog to have ingested any of the above or notice vomiting/diarrhoea then please visit your vet immediately for advice.



Tree decorations can also cause a hazard for your pup. Baubles look remarkably like your dog’s favourite tennis ball so your dog might not be able to tell the difference until they bite into a glass ball or step onto broken ornaments and damage a paw pad. 

Wrapping paper, ribbon and tinsel might be your dog’s new favourite thing to play with but please don’t let them eat it as it could cause an upset tummy.

Strings of lights can also be very attractive to dogs so make sure they are hung up out of reach and always turned off when unattended. Or provide your dog with their very own String of Lights Rope Toy instead!



Receiving gifts from loved ones is always a fun part of Christmas day! But some gifts can be dangerous to pets. In particular, plants and flowers that give off toxic chemicals and can cause serious harm to dogs but are fine for humans. These plants are often found around Christmas time - Lilies, Holly, Mistletoe and Cyclamen are a few to keep an eye out for. So no kissing your canine under the mistletoe this year!


Party season is officially underway, and whilst the 5th November is behind us, that doesn’t mean fireworks are over. Making sure your pet has a snuggly and safe bed to cuddle up in is vital when fireworks are going off but read our Firework safety blog for more advice on this.



Christmas Trees

Some fir trees produce oils which are mildly toxic and if ingested could cause your dog to vomit or excessively drool. If you’re opting for a real Christmas tree this year, it is better to go for the non-drop variety to avoid the sharp spikes accidentally getting in your pet’s paws or if ingested, causing internal damage. It is rare for a dog to eat enough of the tree to cause any issues but is worth being aware of!

Stressful environments

Christmas can be a chaotic and stressful time of the year as well as a happy one! Our dog’s can read our body language very easily so trying to keep as calm as possible helps our pups relax too. Lots of different visitors to your house and long trips in the car to see loved ones are just a couple of ways in which your dog can experience stress and disruption from their normal routine. Providing calming herbal remedies such as Calm Xtra or Dorwest Valerian Compound can be extremely effective at relaxing your pet and taking the stressful edge off! Check out our Anti-Anxiety Collection here for lots of products to help this festive season.


Keeping Busy

Christmas is a busy time and we can often become distracted with the hussle and bussle of shopping, eating and seeing friends and family. Make sure your dog isn't forgotten about by providing them lots of mentally stimulating games and toys for when you're a little distracted. Giving them their Christmas meal in a West Paw Toppl to make it last the length of your Christmas roast is a brilliant way to keep them happy and busy. Or pop some Dog Friendly Peanut Butter with Turkey Sprinkles on a Lickimat for a very festive and delicious treat to keep them occupied!


Stay safe and remember to relax and have fun this holiday season!

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