Cockapoo Must Haves

Cockapoo Must Haves

Cockapoo Must Haves

Here at DOGHOUSE we see many Cockapoos (and their wonderful owners) come through our doors so it’s only right to give you a list of top tips and fave picks for your little ball of fluff! 

cockapoo must haves

First thing's first: Food!

Whether you've got a picky eater or a food driven fur ball, it's so important to find a food that is tailored to your dog's characteristics. Our DOGFOOD offers a grain free, hypoallergenic diet to keep many allergies at bay. Since your Cockapoo most likely has long curly locks, it is important to keep their skin and coat nourished by feeding a diet rich in oils and Omega 3. We recommend our own salmon flavour grain free kibble to keep that coat looking nice and shiny and to help maintain their dental health.

For a diet that's jam packed full of moisture to aid coat condition and digestion, you may also consider feeding our Raw food. Simply thaw and serve! Available in a range of flavours, pop into store to shop today. Check out our blog for more info on the benefits of raw feeding.

the best dry dog food

Home Grooming

As you will know, your Cockapoo’s coat requires regular attention due to those cute curls! We recommend brushing regularly using a slicker brush and comb to tease out those pesky tangles which are otherwise unavoidable! Not only will this make your dog feel much more comfortable but will also encourage bonding between you and your pooch! Our top pick is this Ergo universal slicker brush in medium. For best results, follow through with a comb for easy tangle teasing or for particularly stubborn patches, we recommend a Matt Master grooming rake. Ensure you read the product info for top tips and helpful 'how to' videos.

Whilst home grooming is an essential part of your Cockapoo's routine, every so often they will need a full pamper session to keep their curly locks looking and feeling fresh. for any doodle breed, we would recommend doing this every 6-8 weeks. This will minimise any dirt build up and matting which will make the home grooming experience more pleasant for you and your pooch. We would be more than happy to accommodate you and your dog in our Bradford-on-Avon or Clifton salon. Click here to browse more info on grooming and to get in touch with our team.


You don't need us to tell you that your Cockapoo is incredibly smart! We recommend regularly challenging your pooch using games to keep them engaged and get them working for those well deserved treats. A great option is our Nina Ottosson treat activities, available in a range of skill levels to keep your dog's mind active and to teach them valuable skills of independence. For the new pup in your life, we would recommend Dog Smart entry level game. 

Since you are undeniably your dog's favourite person, it goes without saying that they love a bit of playtime with you. we recommend toys you can get involved with to help train and enrich your pup's relationship with you. TUG-E-NUFF's Powerball Bungee toy is a durable, interactive toy that can be thrown, fetched and tugged! Shop the full TUG-E-NUFF range here

Cockapoo Wardrobe

We are very proud of our fleeces here at DOGHOUSE where we’ve been looking for innovative solutions to keep dogs of all shapes and sizes warm! We think we've perfected our new cosy Fleeces for medium size dogs. Perfect for crisp, cold morning walks, simply pop on a toasty warm fleece and fasten your dog's harness over the top and you're good to go! See what you think and pick out a colour that best suits your pup! 

For more design options for coats and jumpers to keep your pooch dry and mud free, shop the full range here

cockapoo dog fleece jumper

Walking Accessories

On the subject of muddy walks, we know how annoying it can be when your beautiful new leads and collars get dirty - and lets face it - they often spend more time in the wash than they do on our dogs! Introducing our new range of Vegan Leather collars and leads, available in bright neon shades as well as stylish muted shades such as olive and navy. Their waterproof design enables worry free walking and easy wipe down after care meaning you can keep them looking new for years! Our Fave is the Neon Pink shade, but you can pick your favourites here.

For more Cockapoo must-haves, shop our full collection here. Alternatively, our experts look forward to helping you in store. 


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