Best light up accessories for dogs

The best 6 accessories for keeping your dog safe at night

The best 6 accessories for keeping your dog safe at night

We’re now in the depths of winter and it seems rare if we ever get to walk our dog in daylight at the moment. You may often find yourself needing a little extra visibility to keep you and your dog safe in the evening darkness. So we’ve drawn together our favourite accessories for how to see your dog better at night this winter.

These are great if you live near a road so that cars can see you, as well as if you live in the countryside and your dog loves disappearing into hedges or forests for a better idea of where they've run off to!

As always, their safety comes first, but safety doesn’t have to be boring! These accessories make safety stylish.



Orbiloc LED Collar Light for Dogs

light up collar for dogs

This is a fantastically bright light that attaches to almost anything. Your dog’s collar, harness, lead, fleece, coat, anything! You can even attach one to yourself so your dog can see you too. Available in tonnes of colours so if you have multiple dogs, you know which is which on your walkies! Visible up to 5km away, this little light is mighty powerful. Works as a steady light or flashing, whichever suits you best.



Sunflower Blinker Collar Light

flashing dog collar light

You’ll never lose your dog again with this bright collar light that easily attaches to your dog’s collar or harness! This one is the most afforable from our range of accessories, but it still does the job well. It's USB rechargeable and waterproof, plus it has 3 flashing modes for various safety needs.



Reflective Dachshund Fleece by Doghouse

reflective dog coat for visibility

This is arguably the most stylish of all the autumnal options. I’ve never known a fleece with quite so many features! This fantastic fleece is the newest member of our clothing line for dogs, made right here by Doghouse in Bradford on Avon. The fabric is HIGHLY reflective, meaning if you shine a torch, a car light or your phone torch at it, your dog will shine brighter than the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. But that’s not it! The cosy fleece fabric will keep them warm and cosy while out and about, plus the reflective fabric is waterproof to keep your dog dry out on their walkies.

From £26.


Reflective Bandana

best light up accessories for dogs

Suitable for dog’s of all sizes, these highly reflective bandanas are great for walkies near roads as it gives drivers better visibility of your pup. Handmade in our workshop in Bradford on Avon!

From £10.


The Ruffwear Beacon

collar light for dogs

This high visibility collar light is waterproof and rechargeable, meaning it can last years so you really get your money’s worth. Compatible with all Ruffwear harnesses, collars and leads, simply clip on and go. The indicator lights even let you know when the battery is running low so you’re never caught out on walks. Three colour options and three light modes means you never get bored!



LED Light Loop

light up collar for dogs

This is a cheap and cheerful option for easy slip-on-and-go! The great thing about it is that you can cut it to size so one size fits all. Simply measure your dog’s neck, then cut the light loop to size and you’re off! USB rechargeable so no need for fiddly batteries, just recharge whenever you’ve had your daily walk and you’ll be good to go again the next day. Simply push the button on and off whilst you’re out and about.


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