How to Fit a Hurtta Collection Downpour Suit

How to Fit a Hurtta Collection Downpour Suit

How to Fit a Hurtta Collection Downpour Suit

How to Fit a Hurtta Downpour Suit


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Our Easy Tutorial

The Hurtta Downpour Suit is one of our best selling dog coats and for very good reason. They are waterproof, windproof and breathable, they also won’t cause friction and won't matt a curly coat like a snug fleece often can. You might be wondering how to fit your Hurtta Downpour Suit? Well you're in the right place! This is one of our most technical coats to fit with up to ten points of adjustment which means that the perfect fit can be achieved on almost any dog. The good news is that once you have fitted the coat after the first time, it’s done and you don’t need to set it up every time you use it. Simply zip up and go!

How to Measure Your Dog

First things first, you need to measure your dog! This simple task is often the first stumbling block, in our experience most customers get this wrong and it’s so disappointing to order online and then find your sizing is wildly out.

The most important measurement you will need is the measurement along the length of your dog's back. Firstly make sure your dog is standing up (not sitting or lying) to ensure the correct measurements. Then you need to measure from the base of the neck, not from the collar; this is probably the most common mistake that's made and results in incorrect sizes being purchased! If you run your hand down your dogs neck you will feel the point at which it meets the shoulder, this is called the withers and this is where you need to measure from.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure the length from this point to just above the base of your dog's tail. This will be the best indicator of what size Downpour Suit you need, if you’re between sizes we would normally go to the size below rather than above because Hurtta built in wiggle room for in-between sizes.

Measure the neck and chest of your dog and check these measurements tie in with the size you have selected, if they don’t then something is wrong! Go back and check your measurements again before you buy.  

How to Fit the Downpour Suit

Firstly, unroll the coat and familiarise yourself with where all the little adjustment cords are before you put it on. These cords are what makes the coat fit so well, they are adjusted by gently pulling them and gathering the fabric along the seam to make it shorter before tying off again with a simple slip knot. Be warned, if you tug at these cords they will come out and they can’t be put back in again so proceed with caution! 

Once you have located all the cords and are happy with how to adjust them you can put the coat on. Lay it out in front of your dog and put each front leg through the holes. If you then pull the coat up each side to meet at the shoulders you will find a handy popper to hold the coat in place while you put the back legs on. Once you have all four legs in, zip it up along the back and assess where you need to make adjustments. We usually start with the front chest and rib ties before moving onto the legs. Depending on what size you have bought, there will be one or two ties in each leg - adjust them all and then watch your dog walk around in it before deciding if they need to go shorter. Once all of these cords are tied off you're set, no need to re-adjust unless your dog grows or has a particularly thick coat growing back.

Once you're happy with the fit you can popper up the ankles and you’re good to go!

Oh and for really foul weather there is a clever little cord in the inside neck which means you can draw the neck in snugly and lock off to keep the rain out! 

Full Video Tutorial on How to Fit Your Hurtta Downpour Suit here:

Alternatively, you can bring your dog along to our pet shop in Bradford on Avon to buy your Downpour Suit and we’ll fit it for you in store.

Thank you for reading!

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