Welcome to Bloghouse

Welcome to Bloghouse

Welcome to Bloghouse


The petshop, groomers and dog cafe of Bradford-on-Avon is now online! Join us every week for top tips, how to's and funny tails of doggy mischief on Bloghouse.


We are Doghouse, the pet shop, groomers and cafe based in the small market town of Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. We have been up and running since 2017 and have served thousands of hot chocolates, puppuccinos and dog treats, always with a smile. Since Doghouse started, it has become a happy place for many dogs and dog lovers alike.

Over the years our 10 fabulous members of staff have gathered an extensive pool of knowledge which we believe should be shared and celebrated with the world! Whether that is how to get rid of ticks, use a ball-thrower or make a doggy birthday cake.

Bloghouse aims to bring this information online to our lovely community of dog lovers. We welcome you to comment below with any questions you have that you would like us to write a blog on, or just a simple hello!

Throughout 2019 and beyond, we will be writing lots of exciting posts for all you lovely readers, including top tips, how-to’s, useful guides and more! Plus, lots of pictures of puppies, so what’s not to love?!

Meet The Team

The team here at Doghouse are what really makes the shop a special community where everyone is welcome.

Ruth Warren

Shop Owner and the Creative Mind behind Doghouse


Amy Freegard

Dog Food Specialist


Louise Retford

Grooming Expert


Philippa Woolfrey

Blogger and Dog Lover


Claire Paccalin

Dog Artist and Coffee Connoisseur

Sue Horsell

Grooming Expert

We will all be contributing towards Bloghouse and helping share our knowledge in certain areas. If you have any specific questions about grooming or food, one of our experts will be happy to help. We look forward to this exciting new chapter of DOGHOUSE and hope you will stick around for some thrilling pupdates coming soon!



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