improving my dogs gut health

How to Improve Gut Health for Dogs

How to Improve Gut Health for Dogs

As a pet owner, you want to ensure that your furry friend is happy and healthy. One way to support your dog's overall well-being is by incorporating pre and probiotics into their diet. But what exactly are they, and how can they benefit your dog?

What are Probiotics and Prebiotics?


These are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your dog's digestive system. They help maintain a healthy balance of gut flora and aid in digestion.


Prebiotics on the other hand are non-digestible fibres that serve as food for the beneficial bacteria in your dog's gut, helping them thrive.

Why We Love Them:

Adding prebiotics and probiotics to your dog's diet can have numerous benefits:

  • Help improve digestion
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Alleviate gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating

Choosing the Right Products for Your Dog

When seeking to improve your dog's gut health, it's essential to choose high-quality products. Probiotics and prebiotics can be found in various forms, including powders, chews and treats. You can easily mix probiotic powder into your dog's food or offer them a tasty prebiotic chew as a treat.

We've put together a few of our favourites:

Fettle's Whole Goats Milk Powder

Packed with essential nutrients, it supports overall health and well-being. Goats milk is full of good bacteria so it's perfect for protecting your pet's digestive system and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost immunity and promote healthy digestion.

This can be sprinkled over food or made into a delicious drink to delight your dogs taste buds.


gut health for dogs


Fettle's Pure & Natural Pumpkin Powder

Say goodbye to those awkward bum scooting episodes and pesky fishy odours with this all-natural remedy. Crafted only from natural, whole food ingredients, ensuring your pet receives the goodness they deserve. Pumpkin powder is a rich source of fibre and can help firm up stools and aid the removal of this odour whilst also soothing the tummy.

Suitable for even the fussiest of eaters, this can be used as a topper, a puree, a frozen treat and you can even bake with it!


how to improve dogs gut health


Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic

Our much-loved ‘Bionic Biotic’ is a best-seller for a good reason. Packed with anti-oxidants, probiotics, fish oil, vitamins and minerals this natural supplement complements all diets perfectly by Pooch & Mutt.

This probiotic health supplement is specifically tailored to actively promote solid stools and healthy digestion, whilst the added antioxidants can help your dog fight off skin infections as they promote a robust immune system. It also provides important nutrients to reduce itching and scratching, with Biotin to help aid healthy fur growth; ideal for those whose itching leads to fur loss or thinning.

Mix the recommended daily amount with your dog's regular food (in one feed or split between feeds). Lasts an average dog one month.

Introduce gradually, for best results feed year round. Add to any food.


gut health probiotics for dogs


 Anco Bone Broth

Nutrient rich bone broth powder from slow-simmered bones. Anco Bone Broth is high in Collagen which is beneficial to gut and joint health. also containing calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and essential amino acids to help with strength, reducing inflammation which can help keep joint pain away, improving digestion, healthier skin and coat, the list goes on! 

The convenient, eco-friendly powder takes up less space, has less carbon footprint and lasts longer than liquid bone broth, minimising wastage.

Simply sprinkle as a topper or mix with fresh boiled water for a broth or even gravy like consistency!

Available in Beef, Chicken and Fish flavours!


my dogs gut health


 Dorwest Tree Bark Powder

Whether it’s ongoing tummy troubles or a short-term upset tummy, Tree Barks Powder can help quickly soothe your pet’s digestive tract, as it is suitable for long or short-term use. The gentle action of Tree Barks Powder means that it is suitable to use in pets of all ages too, including weaning puppies and kittens.

Slippery elm bark - contains mucilage, a sticky substance that helps maintain good bowel regularity and stool consistency

Marshmallow root - another powerful mucilaginous herb that coats the gut, soothing and assisting gut transit

White poplar bark - helps to keep tummies comfortable, thanks to its soothing properties

Simply add to food or mix with water.


probiotics and prebiotics for dogs


DOGHOUSE Digestive Treats

We know that the way to your dog's heart is most likely through a delicious treat. And what better way to reward your pooch than to reward their digestive health at the same time! Made with natural ingredients, these treats are specially crafted to promote a healthy digestive system for your beloved pup. Say goodbye to tummy troubles and hello to a happy, healthy dog! 

ADDED PROBIOTIC to help stabilise and stimulate the growth of advantageous gut flora to help your dog live happily and healthily.

Plus, CONTAINS CELLULOSE to help maintain a healthy gut transit time and aid weight control.

A complementary pet food treat for dogs and cats of all life stages. Perfect for keeping fussy eaters healthy and nourished.


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Pooch & Mutt Probiotic Meaty Treats

Delicious probiotic treats in 3 functional flavours for dental care, healthy skin & coat and calming.

We know that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, This new range of tasty treats uses an essential range of nutrients and probiotics to target some important areas of canine health and offers a range of benefits. From skin and coat to mental wellbeing and oral hygiene, there is something here for every pooch and mutt. As well as helping to address underlying issues, the ingredients in these Meaty Treats can also prevent problems from developing in the first place. These treats can be fed whenever you like, such as during training sessions and as little rewards for good behaviour but remember, treats should never make up more than 10% of your furry friend’s diet.


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DOGHOUSE Calming Treats

Enjoy a more peaceful nights sleep with these Functional Calming Dog Treats from Doghouse! Specially formulated to help calm and relax your pup, these delicious treats contain natural ingredients and are easy to administer. Convenient and nutritious, help your pup find calm amongst the anxieties of daily life.

  • ADDED PROBIOTIC to help stabilise and stimulate the growth of advantageous gut flora to help your dog live happily and healthily and to promote mental wellbeing.
  • Plus, ADDED LAVENDER - to help your dog relax! Perfect for night time when it's time to wind down.

A complementary pet food treat for dogs and cats of all life stages.

improving my dogs gut health


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