Best 7 Dog Toys for Keeping Your Dog Entertained at Home

Best 7 Dog Toys for Keeping Your Dog Entertained at Home

Best 7 Dog Toys for Keeping Your Dog Entertained at Home

Best 7 Dog Toys for Keeping Your Dog Entertained at Home


Enjoy your time indoors with this fantastic selection of toys!


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Now whilst you may be keeping yourself busy baking banana bread, making TikToks and picking up new hobbies… your dog may need a little more to keep them entertained and keep their mind active. As we’re now back to being restricted to one lot of daily exercise, your dog might not be getting as much stimulation as they normally would.

We’ve put together a list of the best toys we could find to help your dog overcome that lockdown boredom and stop them doing things they shouldn’t… like chewing on those chair legs or digging holes into your sofa cushions! Interactive toys give your dog a chance to use their natural hunting instinct, as well as have bonding time with their owners and keep their minds working well.

Hopefully this whole Covid era will be over soon and your dog won’t need these boredom busters, but they are even sometimes useful in day-to-day life too when you need your dog to have a little distraction every now and then.

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 LickiMats for Dogs - Full Range

We couldn’t mention boredom busters without mentioning LickiMats. An ingenious design, so simple yet so effective. Simply spread your wet food, peanut butter, liver paste or anything similar over the surface and let your dog spend hours trying to get to every last bit. We sell a whole host of different styles for different purposes, such as the LickiMat Splash which is great for bathtime or the LickiMat Wobble Bowl to slow down fast eaters. But the original design is also fantastic too. They’ve even created their very own range of Sprinkles to make playtime even tastier!

From £7.00.


K9 Connectables

 best dog toys for lockdown - k9 connectables

An equally fantastic toy, with a slightly more complex design for those dogs who like a challenge. The brilliant thing about this range is that you can build your collection and create bigger and better toys over time. All the parts connect together in different shapes so if your dog gets tired of toys quickly, you can simply untwist different parts and connect them together in a different way and voila! A whole new toy. It has fabulous compartments for hiding their perfectly designed treats, so your dog can create a game trying to get to them.

Also great for smearing liver pastes onto!

From £8.99


Kong Wobbler Treat Dispenser


Now you may have heard of the Classic Kong, but have you seen their other great design, the Kong Wobbler? It’s heavy bottomed so always tilts back upright when you dog knocks it around to get to the treats you hide inside! A brilliant gadget that can entertain your pup when you want a bit of peace and quiet.

From £13.


Beco Bone


A fantastic eco-alternative to plastic toys, this Beco Bone is made entirely from natural rubber so will naturally break down leaving no plastic trace behind once your dog is through with it. But worry not, this bone is tougher than it looks! The holes at either end are fantastic for sneaking treats into so your dog needs to sniff out their reward, meaning their hunting skills will be tested and their mind will be kept alert!

From £5.


Snack Snake


These wobbly shaky snakes are scarily realistic, but thankfully your dog will be getting nothing but fun from their new friend the snack snake! Cleverly named, you can hide snacks for your dog inside it’s belly, then when your dog throws, chews and plays with it, the treats will fall out and your dog will be rewarded! Available in two bright green designs.



Nina Ottosson Range


These boredom buster toys vary in difficulty, ranging from easy to very complex so you can decide which is best for your dog. You can even work your way up the difficulty scale as your dog becomes more in tune with each game! A great selection of toys to stimulate your dog’s mind and get them searching for treats.

From £14.


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