Hire a Dog Life Jacket for the Day

Hire a Dog Life Jacket for the Day

Hire a Dog Life Jacket for the Day

Are you thinking of trying some water sports with your dog and want to keep them safe?

Hire a Ruffwear Float Coat - a Lifejacket for your Dog

for only £5 a day from DOGHOUSE!

ruffwear float coats for paddleboarding

DOGHOUSE have been a stockist of Ruffwear for over six years now and we've had the best feedback from our customers on their consistently excellent quality products.

The float coat in particular is a real winner. We use them on our Stand Up Paddleboarding with Dogs sessions and they just give that extra protection on the water to ensure a safe and fun time.

My dog can swim, why do they need a lifejacket?

They need a lifejacket in the same way that you need one. Accidents can happen easily on the water and knowing that your dog is wearing one just gives you that extra peace of mind to know if something does go wrong... this can help prevent the situation getting worse.

The handle on the back is the most ingenious design ever... if you need to quickly grab your dog from the water, simply pick them up using the handle and they'll be out of there in a flash. No more trying to grab a slippery dog from under the water!

DOGHOUSE sell these lifejackets for £104.95 if you'd like your very own or alternatively we rent them on a day-by-day basis for £5 per day if you'd just like to trial it or if you fancy a day on the water without committing to purchasing the whole shebang.

We have every size from XXS (Chihuahuas and Pomeranians) up to XL which suits very large dogs such as St Bernards and every dog in between!

If you'd like to rent a Float Coat for a day trip out, or for a longer time, such as your staycation this summer, drop us an email marketing@doghouse.co.uk or give us a call on 01225 864767 to arrange collection.

£5 per day. £30 per week.

Pick up from 9am, drop back at 5pm. If you'd like to have it overnight, it will be charged as two days.

Deposit required - £104.95 (price of float coat) which is then returned to you once we get the Float Coat back.

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